More precisely, architecture produces the effect of an outside. It invents the idea of the exterior, the unruly territory that is tamed by a shelter. It is not so much the construction of a secure interior as the production of a picture of external agitation, which is then seen to buffet the building but not move it. Architecture paints a picture of chaos giving way to order, control, safety, security, stability, etc. It frames agitation. If there is no life without agitation, there would be no concept of agitation without architecture. Agitation is even an architectural concept then, but architecture itself is not agitated. Architecture is exactly that which resists. For all its talk of motion, it is a resistance to movement rather than a resistance movement. It is an effect of stillness. It slows things down, it calms, even tranquilizes. It allows mobility to be seen as such by remaining static. Architecture is simply that which emerges from a resistance to agitation. To be an architect is to embroider the line where the shaking stops.