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AIME: Common world

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In this inquiry, we will not be starting from the idea of ​​a given world – natural or social – capable of immediately unifying minds and pacifying disputes. The starting point, rather, is a world that remains to be composed. Unification, thus, can not serve as a starting point only as a point of arrival, the result of a diplomatic enterprise that might well fail spectacularly.
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This uncertainty about that which is common is important in order to counteract the tendency to link environmental issues to the idea of a pre-defined, unified nature that has unified all existents, since they were “already there”. Environmental issues testify, on the contrary, to an uncertainty about the nature of the common world and to the need to create it piece by piece. It is this definition of common world that we wish to underline in the expression of common sense.

via An Inquiry into Modes of Existence.


” Whatever the reason, this ignorance of their own city suddenly opens up a space for real-ism: for seeing things, finding out things, that have not been registered before; and for investigation, for solving problems and tracking down causes as in scientific experiment or classical detective procedures. Buthere it is not an individual criminal responsible for an enigmatic crime, but rather a whole society that must be opened up to representation and tracked down, identified, explored, mapped like a new dimension or a foreign culture.”

Realism and Utopia in The Wire, Fredric Jameson


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